On November 6, Alan Robertson was invited to speak to the Grade 7 class at Mount Pleasant Elementary School in Vancouver, BC. He spoke to them as part of their Remembrance Day studies and also answered questions during the two hour session. Many of the students wrote thank-you letters and these are a few excerpts:

"I'm writing this letter to thank you for coming to our school. I learned a lot of things about World War II...thank you for fighting in that war for our generation."
- Sabina

"...thank you for coming to our school...I think Remembrance Day is a very important holiday. When I was a baby [in Romania], the Romanian revolution was going on...to keep me safe, my mom put me in the place where we kept the bed sheets. Later that day when a bomb went off the bottom of the drawer broke and I went down with it."
- Joana

"When you read [your book] to us I felt like crying because it was sad. When I was small I [used to] think war was funny, but now I know that war is terrible, but war is not that bad because people just fight for the country, land, and food, etc."
- Julie